I am oleander

Bright and beautiful

Pink and green

I accept the compliment

Pass by

Don’t touch

I am oleander

Don’t love me

I will leave your skin odd

For a time I will cure your illness

That I am meant to do

I am oleander

Lone and bright





The star it is to me,

Too far to touch,

Too beautiful to ignore.

The sun it is to me,

I need to survive darkness.

Save me a space with you,

Save me a grain to grow,

Save me a Melody to travel far,

Save me a sparkle in the sky,

So I stare all night under your shade.

You gave grains to my coarse land,

I am struggling with the climate,

I will stay through to watch my grains grow,

Organic it will be,

Like a painting of a grassland,

it will dance east west to the freshness of the air.

The storm came through,

Hap to my grains,

I felt blown out,

But when the sky was blue again,

My grown grains were only gathered behind my farm house,

You saved me a smile.



Akinyemi itunu

Akinyemi itunu

Writing is another way I communicate with people, aside drawing. A web designer that loves nature (flowers,clouds,animals, mountains) and books