Raining Mary.

There is a natural feeling in the heart like your muse freeing itself running into garden with laughter and flowers. Poetry found me long before i wrote a poem. It stayed silently somewhere but tickles like belly butterflies.

It the raining season when some trees stop to blossom but remain evergreen. Under this tree is the first that comes to mind when asked about love of laughter and smile with a friend.

The divine friendship started two years into secondary school. I had a mutual friend with my closest friend so we all became three musketeers. They team up to make me smile, force my anger away and help in their littlest and biggest ways.

A fight that I can’t remember it cause broke out between Mary and I. Taiwo tried to settle the dispute but both of us had pride, refusing to apologize or move on. For days we acted like we didn’t care, bump at each other with stolen faces. On several occasions, Taiwo tried to link us to sort ourselves but we end up only hissing at Taiwo for wasting our precious time. I can recall two occasions that Taiwo played the trick of reconciliation.

Taiwo had told me she wanted to reconcile during a morning chore. I was arrogantly happy and she sadly hissed and parted discovering Taiwo plot. The second time was when Taiwo told her to meet me in class and told me same, to meet her in hers. We met on the way angrily asked what it was we both wanted to discuss.

At that moment I was tired of acting and being arrogant, I really wanted to apologize and laugh to fetch water or rush to the dining. None of us was willing to bend the rod although I remember telling Taiwo how tired I was.

Days went, but not weeks. I still can’t picture how the day started. I washed and dried my clothes on maybe same or different cloth line as Taiwo and Mary. The day was going well till the rain interrupted, that made it the best. The rain never ceases to drain you of the little energy you have left after classes. I took my time before going for my clothes thinking it will be wet already. Unfortunately, I didn’t meet mine or my friends so I guess one of them helped. It didn’t matter that we were fighting, cruelty was out of it. Mary was the least on my mind. I was on the corridor of the class, having received the information from Taiwo that Mary helped with the clothes, I waited to say thank you. Perhaps she is sorting and drying them in the room.

That day, I stood outside the corridor of her class, waiting and pacing around. To see her the next minute. It was over in my mind and I was really willing to let everything go, my shoulder was not heavy and I will be damned not to smile at her the next day. See my petite friend running in the rain towards me, I could have waited for her but my legs couldn’t wait as I met myself on the way to the tree already. We met in between under the tree. Its broad branches prevented us from being completely drenched.

With open arms, we hugged and said nothing. For seconds we were there. No sorry or thank you. There I dropped my anger. We were washed by the rain, the drops on us brought happiness and something I still feel in my heart when I remember that day. The rain removed the twigs of pride left in us; it grew a fresh leaf on our heart. We moved to the corridor, bit off what we missed of ourselves and the day.

It is years now, that to me is so pure and magical. One day, I will write about Taiwo too. She is a friend I will have always. She is a darling.

Dear Mary,

In your arms, under the red flower tree and calm rain I write again. This is your friend from time past.

I do not know where you are as we only talk once in a while. I cannot forget your gapped teeth, beautiful face, intelligence and lovely smile. Your good heart is double and rare. Do you remember how we send your brother to you when you left our school? We missed you then and still do now.

Have a good day fiend.

Yours Affectionally,




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